Forumosa - largest forum where Taiwanese and foreigners meet and chat about practically everything. - direct link to the tread about Taiwan - cost of living guide blog.

Taiwanease is a website for anyone interested in living in Taiwan. With vibrant forums populated by real people who live and work in Taiwan, a comprehensive directory of island-wide business and community listings, events listings, and interesting, relevant articles, Taiwanease really does make Taiwan easy!

Bloggers in Taiwan - List of other interesting blogs in Taiwan. If you have some time, check some of them - lots of good reading. 

Taiwan Bungee Club: - A website of the bungee club in Taiwan where you can register, check schedule and get information regarding bungee jump in Taiwan.

Ludigels Taiwa Formosa Blog: - (German) - Amazing blog in German full of interesting information about Taiwan - you will find plenty of news coverage, tips about life, and personal opinions. Rich in pictures and writing. 

My Kafkaesque life - Not your typical Taiwan blog. I great blog with many interesting articles about Taiwan that gives some great insights on living here. Articles wary greatly - from Taiwan travel guide made by author to restaurant reviews and Taiwan IT industry. Great to follow!

Slowly I will be adding links to more interesting and informational websites about Taiwan. If you do have a site and would like to put a link here, feel free to email me at maciejburno at