Monday, October 27, 2014

It Has Been a Long Time

I haven't post here for a long time. Life went chaotic, baby was born, work became very busy and I kind of totally forgot about this blog.

I was going today throw my Google account, and Adsense account and I was wondering how come it generates some ads revenue. Now I remember - my blog about cost of living in Taiwan!

I checked it and actually it has stable traffic and people are still  commenting here and asking for help, after almost 3 years without update! It is amazing in one way, but also embarrassing I did not come back and help those in need.

So I'll do my best to write here from time to time. I don't promise I will update it daily, but I will find some interesting topics that many expats always searching for and update some cost of living in Taiwan. I remember few years ago I needed a lot of information before I came to Taiwan, and I would really appreciated if someone had provided it to me. I'll guess since I started my little blog, I should take responsibility to keep it going. Adsense or any product selling is not what I am after - I don't need it, I am financially independent. I want to make this place a helpful guide to all of you who is planning to come to this beautiful island. 

I'll start tomorrow - got to first reply to all the comments, even if some replies are long pass due.

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