Thursday, October 25, 2012

Polish Restaurant in Taiwan - Oak pod Debem

Oak - Pod Debem - is newly opened Polish restaurant in Taiwan and it is currently the only restaurant on the island to provide Polish food. I was very excited to hear that I can finally eat food I remember from childhood. Nothing, absolutely nothing stopped me for giving it a try - not even 40 minutes drive by car from Taipei. I was very eager to try it and I must say it - my expectations were quite high. Most of expats do miss 'mama' food, so you know I am writing about.

I went to Oak during the lunch hour and - let pictures not confuse you - the place was packed. I got a table by the window, in the corner - so it was actually easy for me to explore the entire restaurant. Visually - it is quite nice and relaxing. Tables are separated from each other so you do not feel like stepping on other tables, and while waiting - you can check some Polish sovereigns or travel books about Poland.

The menu offer some traditional Polish food. Even though menu does not have many choices - they do offer many specials - just ask for them. I wanted to try as much as possible, so I have ordered quite a lot - potato pancakes (placki) in mushroom sauce, delicious Flaki (beef tripe soup), a portion of Hunter Stew (Bigos)
and Apple cake. I did not know that every portion of the main dish comes in form of a meal, so you can imagine how much food that was. The meal consist of drink, soup, potatoes or french fries and a desert. Nonetheless - somehow I managed to eat all - it was very delicious.

The staff is great and friendly atmosphere makes you feel relaxed after whole day of studying / whole week of working. I met some other foreigners there and we join tables together with owners of the restaurant. I can really say that this can be a place where you can have a lunch, tea time or dinner, hang out there and meet new people. The great additional of live music during some evenings and able to order some Polish shots or beer - gives Oak even more thumbs up.

What shocked me the most are really low prices on the menu. It must be due to the proximity to some major universities, but still. I was expecting to spend a lot, but I am glad I was wrong. You can get a healthy portion of food here, very delicious with materials imported from Europe for price lower than MC Donald's set.

A meal that cost from NT65, Beef tripe soup that goes for only NT40 and my favorite of all times - Placki with meat or mushroom sauces for NT115 (I might be wrong here +/- NT10, was too happy ordering food) - you simply can't go wrong with at least giving it a try. I learned that some locals go there almost every night, and why shouldn't they? It's good and extremely good priced. I got food to go.

The only issue I have is the location, or I would go there pretty much every couple days. Perhaps owners one day decide to open branch in a large city?

The address is here: 桃園縣中壢市中央路216巷8號
Phone: 886 3 4202599
Open: Tue-Sun from noon to 10 pm, kitchen close at 8 pm.

(some picture borrowed from their FB page, you can check the album for the rest)