Sunday, February 19, 2012

School Supplies From Taiwanese Stationary Store

New semester begins tomorrow for most universities across Taiwan, so naturally there is need to buy pens, pencils, paper, notebooks and even a new backpack. Yeah, right. Not for me. Grab some paper, a pen that hopefully works and off to go with notes that I will probably lose the next day.
To not disappointing my blog readers, I checked for supplies in the stationary store around my house. It was rather a short trip, ending with a comment to my wife 'how about we just buy this stuff in Cosco?" A 80 page notebook went for around NT70-100, a ball pen for about NT15-NT30, paper about NT100 for 500 pages, hard cover notebooks approaching NT200 and backpacks... let just say the best way for you to shop for a nice backpack is to visit a night market and get one, solid one for NT500-1000. 

I don't want to sound cheap or anything like that, but I was disappointed that stores that make a living from selling stationary putting such a ridiculous prices. I rather go to supermarket and pay a third for supplies. 

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