Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fuel cost in Taiwan

Many foreigners that stay longer in Taiwan eventually decide to get their own method of transportation, being it a scooter, a motorcycle or a car. One of the main question that come up when facing with decision to own a vehicle is: how much money I will spend to put gas to my new method of transportation?
Well, gasoline in Taiwan is actually quite cheap comparing to most of the European countries and almost in parity with the costs of gasoline in United States. The gas is measured in liters (1 gallon is about 3.79 liters,) so folks across Pacific, I hope this won't be too confusing.

Ahhh, confusing, yes, putting gas into your vehicle is very confusing here in Taiwan. I mean I always have no idea how much I am going to pay. First, every single gas station in Taiwan have almost the exact same pricing for gasoline, even if the gas station are competing to each other. I am not really sure how it is done, but I think government is subsidizing for gasoline and dictates prices. However, price quoted on the billboards is not the price you will pay. Every gas station have their own discounts: if you own their membership card (which you can apply by simply asking it) you will be able to either collect points for free gas in the future, or deduct money from your current bill. If you use credit card that has partnership with the specific gas station, you get extra discount. Sometimes when you put gas on specific days, you get 1-3% off, other companies offer free car wash, and or even others give gift like pack of tissues - so yes, it is quite confusing to know how much gas really costs. Every company have their own way of getting customer to tank there.
Most of the gas stations are controlled by staff, so you cannot tank by yourself. You will need to mention how much you want fuel to be added (example, 1000NT worth of fuel) or if you want it full. They will ask you if you want to pay cash or credit card (they ask for that because they need to know what kind of 'discount' to offer,) and if you wish to receive company receipt in addition to the normal receipt.

I will update this post about once every two months with new gas prices, but currently they go for:
92: 31.7 NT per liter
95: 32.8 NT per liter
98: 34.5 NT per liter

I spend around 1000-1500NT a week on fuel driving my SUV in and outside city (approximately 500km per week.)

At the moment I am not sure how much fuel scooters are using, but I'll ask around and update this post as soon as I find this information.


  1. That was about 3 years ago (the original post) but prices remained relatively stable, approximately +1 to +2 NTD per litter.

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