Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bungee Jumping in Taiwan

If you are into extreme sports, or you like to do something special, different, amazing - you name it - next weekend, Taiwan have many opportunities to challenge your guts. Bungee jump is one of the ways to challenge yourself mentally and conquer your fear. Do not worry though - it is quite safe; coaches will make sure that you are ready mentally and safe. 

Since it is in the middle of the mountains, you will need some kind of transportation. Best bet is to either take a bus, drive scooter or car)

How to get there (direction by car) - I will update routes by scooter and bus later this weekend.
Start from Taipei Main Station and take freeway no. 3, exit at Sansia interchange, take route 7 and drive for about 1.5 hour (mountain area) till you arrive to Da Ha Bridge, where you will try your guts at bungee jump.

Before you attempt a jump, you must contact one of the coaches or a girl that takes care of paperwork. The easiest way to contact them is by calling: (02) 8666-6019 or sending email at You will need to fill up some paperwork (insurance card.) If you have a heart disease, hypertension, asthma, or you are pregnant, you will not be allowed to jump. Also, you must be less than 90kg, and if you are under 18, you must be with your legal guardian or at least have a parental consent form.

In case of bad weather, events will be cancelled and your payment refunded, or rescheduled. 

The jump costs NT2000 and this include insurance. After your first jump, you will receive a certificate and VIP card that enables you to make future jumps at discounted price (NT1000.) Also, you will be able to download high quality pictures of your jump from their website free of charge - a very nice touch. Also, once you complete the first jump, you will be allowed to jump head down, where protective gear is put around your ankles. 

The overall experience is amazing. I was personally scared and I almost did not complete my jump, but at the last second I said 'ah screw it' and jumped. It was a... release. For a couple of minutes I could forget about all the stress and problems, and I felt free. Add to this beautiful mountain - forest scenery, and a creek running under you, it is something I will definitively want to do it again. Next stop Macao? :) (Highest bungee jump in the world.)

You can visit their website at: for all the information necessary (it is in Chinese, so if you have any questions, feel free to write here in comments.) I will also add their site to the 'link' sub-page.

One thing to mention: From Taipei to destination it takes about 2hr drive by car. There are no toilets there, so ladies - do your bathroom needs before going there. For guys it simpler - trees will suffice.


  1. Hello, this post is very helpful :D

    I emailed them last month but i still haven't gotten a reply

    do they only do jumps on weekends? (which is what i understood from their chinese website). is it better to get in touch with them before we arrive there? I was thinking if they don't reply to my second email, then just call them once we're in taipei


    1. Hi Paola,
      Actually when I went there to jump, it was with Taiwanese friends that took care of everything. Why you want to get in touch with them before arrive is to arrange the insurance.

      Best way? Find someone who can speak Chinese and give them a call to arrange things. :)

  2. By any chance is there any english speaking coordinator there???

    1. As anywhere else in Taiwan, there will be always someone that can speak some English. You should be fine - there are many foreigners who come and jump.

      I think best way is to contact them by email or call them and try to speak simple English enough so that they might point you to the person who can arrange things for you.

  3. How do you get there if you take public transportation/bus?

  4. Hi, I am going to come to Taiwan alone, and I would not know how to get there, can you help?

  5. Hey guys, I will try to get info on public transportation for you soon. The place is a bit away from civilization, so I am not sure there is any public transportation, but I will check with them.

    skycrawler, you mean how to get to Taiwan or to the bungee jumping place? :)

  6. hi mac, i mean how to get to the bungee jumping place. I really dont speak any mandarin, thus it would be a problem for me.
    Can recommend me a guide or something?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Hey skycrawler! Have you visited the place yet? What was ist like? Im planning to go alone as well and i'd love to know how was your experience. Is Taiwan a safe city for a female anyway, anyone?


  8. Can anyone help me with this.., its gonna be my first time jumping yet i dont where to go, i would appreciate any help, thanks