Friday, October 21, 2011

Video Games in Taiwan - Where to Buy It Cheap

I love PC / Console games - I grew up on them. When I was about 13 years old, I built up one of the largest Abandonware site in Poland and worked together on other sites for the large video game publisher - CD Projekt (guys who made The Witcher.)

Today I still love my game, but only play sporadically, when times allow. I own XBOX 360, PSP, iphone and PC, owned WII (sold it because it was in Japanese) and planned to buy PS3 but I just wait for 2014 for next gen console.
In Taiwan you will face 3 problems when buying video game that you want:
1. It is not in English (especially PC titles)
2. You cannot find the title anywhere.
3. It is just too expensive.

If you are a gamer, worry not. Almost every single game that is published in Chinese is also published in English (just need to know where to look for) AND almost every Console game is in English or dual language. For WII funs, sorry folks - you need to bring your console from the country you are from, because you cannot change the language and here language used is... Japanese.

PC Games are much cheaper than in USA and Europe, ranging anywhere from $15 (such as brand new Sims3 expansions) to about $40 max for newest hot release (such as Call of Duty.) Compare it to about $30 for Sims Expansion or around $60 for Call of Duty. The Console games are only about $2-$3 more expensive (more for PS3 titles) so again, it will not break your pocket if you know where to shop.
My favorite place to shop for console games is underground mall that you can get to from MRT Main Station (right under the Railways Main Station.) To make it easier for you, just search for exit Y10 and it will be there (also, notice there is ATM machine if you short of cash.)
Here you will find mainly Console Games and few titles for PC Games - and for the best prices possible. Just to give an example, I bought here GTA4 XBOX360 (few years back) for $1230 where in the shopping mall they sell it for $1980. All games are in English (except of course Japanese titles, where you need to check first if it is dual) and almost all brand new releases are there. You can buy second hand game for about 20-50% discount, and you can even resell your game there - quite convenient.

Before I move on, just one mention - for only NTD100 you can get VIP card. It will give you 3% off on today and future purchases. Get it. You just need to buy 3 new games to get it back, and if you use credit card, they charge you extra 3% - with VIP discount, you are not charged.

If you love PC games, you have few choices available:
1.Steam - yep, your local country Steam, but prices are going to be either in USD or EUR - meaning expensive. It is easy though - select, download, play.
2. Bade Rd computer department store - 3rd floor (I will update address later) - entire building sells computer, video and audio peripheries, and 3rd floor is almost full of PC games and Console Games. There are few shops that sells only English PC Games, and they have both new ones and old ones (I got Diablo 2 Collector edition in English for $25 in July 2011 ;))
3. Taiwanese Yahoo Auction - if you really cannot find what you are looking for, ask your Taiwanese friend to help you order from Yahoo - it will have it. Not always at the best price, but it will have every title you are looking for. Same goes for Console Games.

So if you love your video games, do not worry - you get all the titles here.
By the way, the locations I mentioned, you can also buy DVD and Blu Rays if you are movie fan - very convenient.

Let me know if you are looking for a game and simply cannot find it.

PC Games:
Steam: Your local country price
Guanghua Market: NTD300-NTD1200
Yahoo Auctions: NTD 300-NTD1200 + shipping

Console Games:
Guanghua Market: NTD600-NTD1300
Yahoo Auctions: NTD300-NTD1300 + shipping


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