Sunday, October 30, 2011

King of Fast Food Pizza - Just Kidding - Pizza Hut in Taiwan

One of the largest problem that I face almost daily is rather quite strange. It is not money, or lack of entertainment or lack of things to do, be it work, study, being lazy - no, not such thing like that. It is more trivial, and yet necessary for survival. The issue simply is 'What am I going to eat today?' I remember I first time came to Taiwan and the very first thing I knew how to say was 'chicken leg' or in Chinese, Ji Tui. So, being smart ass and all, or rather, being all on my own while my wife was working, I went to the store and proudly said 'ji tui.' After 3 months I was still eating chicken leg on daily basis. Being tired of that, finally I learned how to say 'pork steak' in Chinese. So again, me being a proud foreigner, I went to the shop, and lady asked me: Chicken leg again? I said: no no, today I eat... yep, you guessed correctly: a chicken leg! No matter how hard I tried, I forgot what I just learned.

After few years of staying here, you will not face a situation like that, things like food you should learn by then, but a very similar problem arrises: What to eat? You are tired of eating same food that is around your home, do not feel like driving to the city to eat something 'different' or simply too lazy to just go out. Best thing I found is to simply call Pizza Hut and order a delivery.

Pizza Hut in Taiwan is not bad, but it is a 'cheaper version of the pizza' that you would remember from home. Do not be fooled by the pictures, forget about thickness of spreading cheese, or richness of the pepperoni on top of the pizza. You won't find it. Yet, it is still pizza, and it is not a bad one. You find yourself often ordering pizza hut and enjoy their side dishes much more than pizza itself.

Side dishes are awesome. Keep counting calories...
There is a large variety of pizza - you can order any of the original toppings, such as Hawaiian, Super Supreme, Double Pepperoni or some local ones, such as 'Japanese Takoyaki,' "Korean Kim Chi BBQ,' and even 'Surt and Turf' whatever that means. Forget about adding or taking away toppings - they won't let you do that except maybe for extra cheese. You want a seafood pizza without shrimps, or vegi delight without tomato? Good luck with that - I have no idea why, but they will only make pizzas that are posted on the menu.

Side dishes are awesome. From buffalo chicken wings, to cheese cakes, or local delicateness such as mini cheese dogs and delicious egg tarts. You can order each single side dish separately, or in combo, and price wise, it is not much different. So if you know exactly what you want to eat, pick it yourself instead of buying a combo and not enjoying half of the snacks. One main issue I have with the menu is that side dishes do not have English translation (pizzas do) so it gets really complicated if you want to order it by phone and have nobody around to help you.

Small Pepperoni Pizza that I just got delivered.
In addition to pizza sizes (large and small) as well as side dishes, you can order an individual (or personal) pizza sets that come with chicken wings (2 pcs) and a can of coke. They also have pasta and lasagna in case you are up for something else, with a soup added while ordering the set.

Overall, in my opinion, Pizza Hut does have a large selection and is priced well, but the pizza itself needs to get a major improvement (there are many pizzerias that offer much better quality of pizzas, but no delivery.) My rating for Pizza Hut is 3.5/5

Here is few details you might be interested:
Pasta set: NT129-NT139
Lasagna set: NT149
Individual pizza (6 inches) set: NT129-NT149
Hawaiian Pizza: Small: NT350, Large NT540
Vegi Delight: Small: NT360, Large: NT560
Veggie: Small: NT360, Large NT560
Double Pepperoni: Small 360, Large NT550
Japanese Takoyaki: Small NT410, Large NT620
Smoked House Chicken & Mushroom: Small: NT380, Large: NT580
Supreme: Small: NT380, Large: NT580
Korean Kim Chi BBQ: Small NT410, Large: NT620
French Style Seafood: Small NT480, Large NT720
Seafood: Small: NT410, Large NT620
Surf and Turf: Small: NT410, Large: NT620
Black Pepper Beef: Small: NT410, Large NT620
Super Supreme: Small NT410, Large NT620
Combo 1: A pocket of chicken legs, small pizza, 1.25 Coke: NT639
Combo 2: A pocket of chicken legs, large pizza, 1.25 Coke: NT799
Other combos: Vary, between NT519 to NT999, depending on the promotions.

Delivery: Below NT300 for order, add NT35, above NT300, free of charge. It must be within district of the Pizza Hut that you phoned (make sure you have a phone to your nearest Pizza Hut store.)

Some pizzerias you can eat inside, or order take out, and there in downtown Taipei, there are even Pizza Hut buffets, if you are into it. In my opinion - not worth it. Pizza gets you stuffed very fast, so why overpaying for a buffet?

Times they open: 11:00 to 23:00


  1. r u kidding me, Chicken leg? come on man use sine language or something show them a pic of what u want on the phone, wow ur so silly :-)

    ye i agree about pizza hut its so good, but the price is not good man, its much more then usa, sometimes about 2 times more.

    i love buying the personal pan (7" accrous) for 89nt with all the supreme topics. so yummy and well prices

    funny story, my first pizza i order form them had no tomato sauce, r u kidding me, it was so crazy, hehehe never happen in usa

    best thing about pizza hut is their all u can eat buffet, only about 310nt and u eat like a KING/PIG

    good job on the post, thanks for shearing

  2. That pepperoni pizza looks awful. Looks like thr pepperoni is under the cheese.