Sunday, October 30, 2011

Buying Timberland in Taiwan

Timberland is one of the most popular clothing brand in Taiwan in regards to outdoor fashion - shoes and lifestyle clothing. The collection that is presented in Taiwan' stores is usually the same as in United States and Europe, so for convenience - you can visit the respectful websites to read in details and choose a style that you like before you actually go to the store and order.

Timberland are in almost every major shopping mall across island as well as individual Timberland stores. They are all connected in the same network, so you can visit one shop, check the clothing that you like, and if this store does not have it at the moment, you can ask them to check in other stores to see if they have goods that you are looking for. If they do, they can send it here, or deliver to your home (free of charge) in case you buy it right away. It is quite convenient and easy, especially if you know your size.

Since I am talking about sizes, let me mention a problem that you might face if your feet are larger than 9.0. Not every single store will have your size, even some of the larger outlets in Taiwan. I personally wear size US 12, so this gets even more troublesome when they look at their computer network and say 'yep, we still have, last 2 pairs in whole Taiwan.' There is one shop that I fully recommend that practically always have my sizes, it is on the intersection between Duan Hua South Rd. and Zhong Xiao East Rd. in Taipei City (Da An District.)

Quality of the clothing is very high - no need to be concerned about that. A pair of shoes that I buy here can easily last for few years. Some of them are Made in China, some Made in Indonesia, others Made in Dominican Republic, etc. I personally try to avoid clothing Made in China (habit,) but again, you won't be disappointed with the quality - it is the same stuff you would get at home.

The prices of Timberland in Taiwan are priced reasonably - a little higher than prices in United States, but still, in reasonable range. Here is the small price review:
Shoes can range from NT3000 per pair to NT9500 per pair.
T-shirt around NT1000 and up
Hoodies: NT2500 and up
Cap: NT800
A backpack: NT4900
Leather wallet: NT5500
Leather man bag: NT16900 (much more expensive, considering same bag in USA store costs about NT10000)
Full leather jacket: NT49000
Leather belt: 3200NT
Sport watch: NT7500

Timberland is not the cheapest clothing brand, but the quality is much worth it. I always think that I prefer to spend more money on clothing and wear it longer, feel more comfortable, and look better than buying some clothes in supermarket for 1-2 uses.

Before closing this post, I want to mention one more thing about their VIP status. If you spend over specific amount (last time I check it was NT10000) you can apply to be a VIP customer. This will give you additional discount of 10% anytime you shop, and 30% discount during your birthday. It is usually cumulative, so if the store have '20%' discount on all items, you can add the discount for some major savings. Best thing is, you can actually get discount with your first purchase as long as it is larger than their required amount. So why not bring your friends with you and save? Later all they ask you is either a phone number or a name.

Timberland website in Taiwan:
Timberland worldwide website:

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  1. Timberland shoes sold in Taiwan are usually 25-40% higher than Timberland shoes (of the same style) sold in USA.