Monday, October 31, 2011

Buying Adidas Shoes in Taiwan

Yesterday I went to buy new sneakers and as always, I chose Adidas for the brand. It is my favorite brand for sneakers, not really sure why. I just think they have best classic designs.

Adidas is available almost everywhere in Taiwan and you can expect to spend anywhere between NT1200 to NT3000 for a pair of sneakers. Sometimes they have additional promotions, which are also nice.

You can apply for their VIP status (15% off) if you spend one time over NT10000.

I recommend you to buy your sneakers at their store, and not in the night market. I remember I bought some Adidas some time ago in Shilin Night Market - although I paid about 1/3 cheaper than Adidas store, somehow I think the quality is not that good (fakes?) which only lasted for 2-3 months.

In the official stores, you can also buy sport clothing, bags, and gym necessities. I haven't really had a chance to take a good look at the prices, but from my memory:
1. Sneakers: NT1200-NT3000
2. Soccer Jersey: I noticed AC Milan and Liverpool jerseys for NT2250.
3. T-shirts and shirts, work out shirts for about NT500-NT900


  1. Hi can you recommend a store in the Taipei area? My brother found stores near DingXi MRT station but he isn't sure if they are of good quality or not. Thank you once again for the helpful articles!

  2. From my personal experience, I recommend you buying brand shoes in Taiwan from the official stores or in the mall. I used to buy shoes in night market cause they were much cheaper, but I was disappointed with quality (fake?)

    I usually buy in SOGO or Miramar Mall.