Friday, October 28, 2011

Maokong Gondola in Taipei City

After a long day visit in the zoo, the best way to spend rest of the day and evening is to take a cable cart ride, with a first station just a walking distance from Taipei Zoo and Taipei Zoo MRT Station.
Night time view from Maokong Gondola, unfortunately that day we did have a cloudy evening
Maokong Gondola, opened in July 4, 2007, is a popular tourist attraction. It has total of 4 stations. At the terminal station, you arrive to Maokong, famous for the great overview of entire Taipei, good tasty food, Sanxuan Temple and delicious Taiwanese Oolong (some spell wulong) tea.

Maokong Gondola also have 30 carts with a glass floor that can be used instead of regular carts, free of additional charge. Crystal cabins, also called "Eyes of Maokong Gondola" have their own waiting queue and it usually takes much faster to queue for crystal cabin than regular cabin. If you are not afraid of heights, I recommend it. Don't worry, it should not break. :)
Crystal floor of Maokong Gondola

Gondola in the clouds. For more fun pictures, you can check
The trip costs only 50NT per person, and 1 adult can bring 2 children for free. However, prepare to bring more cash with you for the restaurants in Maokong. The food here is delicious, view even better. If you are able to go to Maokong before 5 PM and you are lucky enough to get nice cloudless weather, you will see a beautiful sunset and whole city of Taipei. The food is not that expensive (200-500NT per person, depending how many dishes you order) and it pretty much culminates a great day outdoors, starting with Taipei Zoo day trip and concluding with a gondola night ride back to Taipei Zoo MRT station.

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