Friday, September 9, 2011

Tuition cost in National Taiwan University

New semester started, so this year tuition payment for NTU (highest ranked university in Taiwan) is NT26100 per semester. If you need a dormitory, it is about NT4000 a semester, foreign students have priority.

The tuition payment is very low comparing to the schools in the west, and receiving scholarship is not difficult. You can apply for government sponsored scholarship of 30,000NT a month if you hold Student ARC card. You can also apply for school grants of 10,000 to 20,000NT a month directly from school. Just keep your grades above B average.

In short:
1 semester tuition: NT26100 (more for some majors)
Dorms: 1 semester: 4000-4500NT


  1. Dorms: 1 semester: 8000upNT
    But it's still cheap.

  2. Seems like we have two different prices for dormitory, maybe foreigners pay less?

    I'll ask around, thanks Johnny!

  3. You know the price of rooms at the University of Taichung(Providence)?

  4. Hi David,
    I assume you are asking about dormitory?
    Here is the link (in Chinese) that I managed to find:

    You can do a quick google translate, but here is what I think it says:
    3 / 4 students in a room: 9000 NT per semester (500 NT deposit and 50NT for key deposit)
    2 people in a room: 12000 NT per student, with 500NT deposit and 50 NT key deposit.

    You also need to pay separately for Air Conditioning unit, and you can use it via prepaid card.

    Also have studios:
    NT19200 with bathroom inside per person (semester)
    NT17200 without a bathroom per person (per semester)
    Summer or winter: 6000NT, or 100NT per day.

    I hope this is the info you were looking for? If not, please feel free to get back to me at any time and I do some more research or call school directly for you.

  5. Sorry for another question. Is it hard to settle in when you decide to study there?

  6. Obviously my previous post wasn't posted. Here i go again. I was wondering about tuition, i would have to pay twice a year or once for both semesters? also as an international student (not abroad) deciding to study there and live, is the MOE scholarship easy to get? or is hard to get?

    Also once you're there how can you work. Remember being an undergraduate student will probably only have so much time until you run out of funds. I was wondering tips on this? also is admission to NTU hard?

  7. Hi Meister,
    I was away for couple of days, so sorry for lack of earlier reply. You gave me an idea to write about an article to help prospective students find good information about coming to Taiwan and studying.

    MOE scholarship is easy to get now, but from next year it will be much more difficult. Basically you can apply and you will probably get it for the first year, but to keep it for longer, you will need to get an average score of 80% (which is A in Taiwan...) so it will be a lot tougher than currently (70%, which is B)

    Education in Taiwan is much different than in United States or Europe. I was a honor student in university in USA, graduated with remarks from attorney general, and still struggling to keep up here, due to language and different way of learning (a.k.a. memorizing everything - not really understanding.)

    If you are able to get MOE scholarship, and keep it, NT30,000 is good enough if you live in the dorms. If you want to rent your own place, this will be not enough and you will need your own saving or get a job. As a student, you can legally work up to 16hrs a week after 1 year of your study, and you can also tutor or teach some English at any local bushiban under the table. You can also ask at the student international affairs for some info on prospective projects, sometimes companies ask to refer them students to help translate things or fill up surveys that also pay from couple hundred to couple thousands NTD.

    It is not difficult at all to get accepted as a undergranduate student in most universities in Taiwan (including NTU) but you need to check with the department you plan to study if they require additional information. Unless you did really bad in highschool, on average, school will accept foreigners, because it helps them with the worldwide ranking.

    Last question, but not the least important: tuition is paid per semester. There are two major semesters: Fall and Spring, but you can also attend (not required to for visa) winter and summer classes.

    Feel free to send me any question here, I'm back to my office and will check and update my blog more often so you should not wait for reply that long :). Merry Christmas.

  8. Mac, did you start your studies at NTU in September 2011 or earlier? As far as I know, starting from September 2011, foreigners who starts their studies in Taiwan has to pay more or less double of what it used to be, according to Government regulations. For example at NTNU tuition went up from below 30.000 to 58.000 per semester for Master degree. That does not apply for students who started their studies earlier.

  9. Interesting - I will investigate on that. However, I am paying the local tuition, since I am resident of Taiwan. Last semester it was around NT16,500. As far as I know, first 2 years are more expensive for master student, 3rd and 4th - much cheaper, since 'students supposed to graduate by now.'

    I am taking a year off from NTU. The experience there was really bad for me and I do not recommend foreigners to consider NTU - but this topic is entirely for future post.

    1. hello i'm Cambodian i want to study in taiwan but i don't if i have ability or not because my family is abit poor that we cant afford much money for me to spend! i want to know how much it cost for the foriegn student per year including dorm in USD? another problem is my chinese language is not good icant right taiwan letter , so can i study well? and i want to find a part-time job to reduce the spending of my family , can i have a part-time job their? how much the salary is?

    2. Hi Mac :) I don't know if you still are here but I want to ask for something. Why you don't reccomend foreigners to consider NTU? I'm really curious about that,
      Pozdrawiam ;)

      PS gdzieś przeczytałam, że jesteś z Polski

    3. Hi Anonymous,
      NTU is typical Asian style research university, where many professors do not really care about students or they have too much pressure to publish paper that influence professor and student relantionship. Many professors here are also researchers, and not necessary teachers - meaning, you will often not learn anything constructive during your lectures.

      It is a common agreement among many foreign students there. Unfortunately, 'ranking' of which university publish most papers per year is not a good enough statistical data to teach students on how to become successful in their future career.

  10. hello i'm Cambodian i want to study in taiwan but i don't if i have ability or not because my family is abit poor that we cant afford much money for me to spend! i want to know how much it cost for the foriegn student per year including dorm in USD? another problem is my chinese language is not good icant right taiwan letter , so can i study well? and i want to find a part-time job to reduce the spending of my family , can i have a part-time job their? how much the salary is?

    1. You can try for scholarship, which is great - takes care of your dormitory, tuition and get you some cash - not much, but enough for a life of a student.

      Part time jobs are legal while you study, but you need to receive special permission from government. The part-time salaries are unfortunately very small (few hundred USD per month) and there are very little work opportunity for students. Best way? Teaching English while studying for your degree (easiest) or try to get paid internship in IT company.

      You can contact Taiwan agent nearest to your home and check with them all opportunities they offer for students. You would be surprised how often little extra efforts can accomplish, and Taiwanese people are very nice to those in needs.

  11. Hi i am from nigeria. A business man. I have being thinking of the possiblity of living in taiwan mostly for business purpose. I want to be importing goods from taiwan and china to nigeria. Is it possibe to enroll into NTU and be carrying my normal business of importation to nigeria? If yes,can i get scholarship in other to reduce cost of living and education? If no,what is the best possible way i can live peacefully with a permanent resident/work permit? Can i set up a shop in taiwan without much racial abuse. Please reply ASAP. Your information is highly appreciated. Note: I can't speak or write mandarin at the moment,but with time i am sure i will learn.Thanks in advance.

    1. It is quite difficult to reply to all your questions in one quick blog reply, because they are too broad, but I will try to give you some pointers here.

      1. NTU + normal business - yes it is possible, and yes, it is illegal. Unless you have ARC through marriage, and permanent ARC, you simply cannot do those two things together. Study + part time job? Yes. Study + full time job? No. Own a business and study? No.

      2. You can get scholarship. It is not difficult, but you have to maintain very high grades.

      3. Set up shop - yes, through marriage ARC, investor visa or business visa allowing you to operate shop, or you open it as a branch to your existing business in Nigeria and then apply for working visa - however, there is a large deposit required to get approved. As for racial abuse - not in Taiwan. It is one of the safest country in Asia, and people tend to not care if you are foreigner. Yeah, they will look at you, they will be curious, but unless you do something bad, you will be okay.

      5. Residency - best way is through marriage, owning a company, or working for Taiwanese company long enough that you can apply for permanent status.

      Quick note: It is OKAY not to be able to speak Chinese at the beginning. Find and make some friends quickly when you arrive here and there will be always someone who will assist you. Memorize 300 most common used words in Chinese, and you will speak 65% of the conversation Chinese.

  12. Hi Mac. Thank for your helpful information. It's very interesting to know about the NTUs, cause they're top ranked in Taiwan. I'm a bit concern about what you said. I'm planning to apply for an art & design department, and NTUA is the good option, but I'm still looking for the information from the other university like: Shu-Te, Yuntech or Chiaotung...
    Could you give me an opinion about the study environment or which school are good for international student? English course is preferable, although I'm proficient in Chinese but not academic level.
    Thanks so much.

  13. Hello Mac,
    thanks for information. but i want to apply National University as an international student. can you tell the procedure

  14. Hi there ,i'm from Iraq and i wanna study there but i want to know how much does it cost to study and live in Taiwan , and is it available to study in english ? Is there any discount for the students who achieve grade A or so ?