Sunday, July 17, 2011

Macho Tacos in Taipei, Taiwan

If you are a taco lover and like Mexican food overall, there are couple of places that you should visit while staying in Taiwan. The choices are somehow limited, so I have decided to start with food that is harder to get and can be considered a bit of exotic for locals.

After recommendation from friend, I took a bus to downtown Taipei and looked for the restaurant. It was not difficult to find, but for those that drive - word of caution - parking is a nightmare there. Once I have arrived to Macho Tacos, I've noticed that it is a rather small restaurant and it does have a limited number of tables. At the moment of my arrival, all tables were taken, but luckily, one table was reserved for me and my wife. Tables are small and once the food arrives (actually, once you bring it yourself) there is not much space left for anything. I have ordered soft taco, hard taco, burrito, quesadilla, taco salad with 2 drinks and chips and some of the trails had to be left on the chairs.
The menu has practically everything you wish from a taco shop. To mentioned above, restaurant also serves nachos and sides, and alcoholic drinks (beer and tequila.) Every meal have a choice of steak, chicken, pork, tofu or cheese. Prices are acceptable, but way above what you usually pay in Taco Bells chain stores across United States. It is also worth to mention that it has a small self service nachos bar, where you can add one of three salads to your tacos or chips, free of charge. Soda drinks, such as Pepsi, Sprite, apple and grape juice and water comes with free refills.
The food quality is good. Vegetables are colorful and fresh, and meat is tasty. Since we have ordered almost everything from the menu, I can say that the biggest winner here is their Quesadillas. In one portion, you will receive 4 pieces, and they were simply outstanding and everyone enjoyed them. Tacos, both crispy and soft are also all time winners, and I can recommend them anyone to try it. However, one word of caution: it does not come with sour cream, you need to order it as a side dish (?!?!)

Burrito salad and burritos did not pass my expectation. They were simply plain. For the salad, the rice did not taste that good, and for the burrito, it simply had too much rice that it overwhelmed the taste of other ingredients. You will be stuff with it, that's for sure, but I will not order burrito here again.
Each order can come with a combo: soda (free refills) and chips (come with sauce and you can add any salad dressing free of charge.) The chips were too hard, and nobody really liked them, but once you dip long enough in the sauce or salad, they become manageable.

I have added a scan of their menu for anyone that is interested to visit Macho Tacos. It is open from Mon-Sat noon-3pm, 6:30-10pm and Sun noon-3pm, 6:30-9pm, while delivery is available from Mon-Fri from noon-6pm. The address is: No.3, Ln. 126, Yanji St. Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan

Quick price check:
Burrito Bowl: 130-175NT
Quesadilla (4 pieces): 105-160NT
Nachos: 160-190NT
Burrito: 110-155NT
Taco (crispy): 50-60NT, (soft): 45-55NT
Combo: Drink and chips: +60NT

Verdict: 7/10
Pros: Large selection, great tacos and quesadilla, free refills, delivery, good location
Cons: Small tables, burrito and burrito salad simply not that good, snacks are too hard, prices are a bit high.


  1. They have just opened another one near Shita. I would say that the flavor is really very good -- I liked everything, especially the lime and cilantro rice and the carne asada -- but the portions are TINY. Calling it "macho taco" is really a little bit ironic. But everything tasted really good and probably that is the size portion I should be eating anyway LOL...

  2. I didn't know about the new store near Shita - thanks :). I'll take a look and update addresses to their branches later today here, and perhaps visit this branch also to see if it tastes better.

    Regarding sizes, yeah, Taiwan does spoil you. I gained about 20kg in the 6 years of being here :D. So perhaps the sizes here are what we all should be eating ;)

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