Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Convenient Stores in Taiwan - how much things cost

One of the most easy recognizeable thing about Taiwan is abudance of convenient stores, such as 7/11, OK, and Family Mart. You can find there practically everything you need, from food and drinks, alcohol, dog food, stationary, magazines and newspapers and services, such as copy and fax, post, hub for purchasing tickets and more. Recently 7/11 becomes just like a small coffee shops, they are redecorating stores across Taiwan and adding space to sit and enjoy coffee freshly made from machine

They are very convenient (it takes me 1 minute walk to get to 2 different convenient stores from where I live) and they are expensive, yet you will probably find most of the time shopping there.

Here is a price list of what you can expect for the items I usually shop most often in convenient store:
Prices are in NTD
Coke and soda: can 20NT, bottle (600ml) 29NT, bottle (2L) 50NT
Coffee from the fridge: Mr brown (can): 20-25NT (my favorite), others range from 20-35NT*
Freshly made coffee: small: 25-40NT**, medium: 30-45NT**, Large: 35-55NT**
Tea from the fridge: Huge selection, sometimes it takes me couple minutes to just choose what to drink. A small cartoon: 10-20NT, bottle: 18-25NT, large bottle: 38-50NT
Freshly made tea: same as coffee
Juice: 25-40NT for 600ml
Redbull: 1 can 59NT
Energy drinks: 20-35 NT
Water: 15-40 NT for small bottle, 50NT-70NT for 5L bottle
Milk: 30NT for small cartoon, 1L from 89NT to 140NT
Beer: Many kinds, mostly sold in cans. Ranging from 50NT to 70 NT for small can, 70NT to 110NT for large can
Other alcohol: You should not buy it in convenient store, it is too expensive. I will mention it in the other article, but just for reference: personal mini whiskey bottle: 180NT-300NT, bottle of cheap wine: 200NT+, absolut: ~500NT
*Selection is very large, but the range is approximate, it is up to you to decide your favorite flawor
**Cheapest: americano, most expensive: latte

Again, you will find huge selection of all kind of microwave food here that clerk will be happy to warm up for you. It again depends on your preference what you like to eat, so I just point some
Sandwitch: 30-40NT
Hamburger: 35-40NT
Cold noodles: 40-60NT (depends on size)
Spagetti: 50-70NT
Salad: 35NT
Sushi roll: 35NT
Rice triangle: 30NT
Lunchbox: 55-75NT
Noodle soup: 55-80NT
Hot dog: 22-25NT + bread
Instant noodles: 20-45NT - ask clerk and they will add hot water for you if you wish to eat right away.
Bread: 35-50NT - toast bread, 18-30NT - sweet bread
Breakfast: In the morning you can combine specific food and drink for discount. For example, milk with sandwitch will cost much lower.

Chips: 17-35NT for bag,
Chocolate: 10NT - small cheapest chocolate, better ones: 40-110NT per bar
Snicker, M&M, and similar candies: 30NT
Chocolate cookies: 50NT
Chocolate puffs: 30NT
Sugar cookies: 30-50NT
Icecream: 25-180NT (cheapest: icecream on stick, most expensive: luxury icecream)
Microwave popcorn: 35NT for both salty and with cheese.

Copy and print: 2NT per white-black page, 15NT per color
Fax: 5NT local, global, usually between 15-50NT
ATM: Free, but watch out for banking charges
Call taxi: Free
Internet: You need to purchase WiFly card, last time I checked it was 350NT, but not sure how long it last.
Paying bills: Free
Adding money to MRT Easy Card: Free (For more information of MRT Easy cards, check Public Transportation article.)

This part will be updated, since I don't shop much for stationary in convenience store.
Pen: 10-25NT
Notebook: 20-30NT
Newspaper: 10-20NT
Ear cleaners: 50NT
Toothpicks: 30NT
Ciggarretes: ~70-120NT per pack
Umbrella: NT100 (those are of poor quality, but weather often changes during the raining season, so if you do not carry umbrella with you at the time, at least you get a way to not get all soaked)
Batteries (AA, AAA, etc.): ranges from NT99 to NT300 (rechargeable) and depends on how many in pack
Dog food: 35-45NT for can
Eggs: 10 for 89NT

This post will be constantly updated if prices change or I do some shopping for items that are not mentioned above, but hopefully it already gives you an idea of how much things cost in convenience shops. For example, 10 eggs for 89NT, while you can get the same thing in local market for 35NT.


  1. u should do more price comparison between the 711 and family mart and big stores like carrefour

  2. Hi, by any chance do you know what brand of coffee is the one on the far right, third row from the top, 1st coffee bottle(White bottle with an orange cap)? Thanks.

  3. Hi there. Same family trying to move to Taipei, I find myself a difficult time to find information on family budget for home made food. Is anyone able to help me with this? We are 2 adults and 2 kids (3 and 9). I am mostly vegetarian, but as for family regimen, I would say a ratio of 40%meat or animal proteins, and 60% vegetables. My wife is from Hong Kong and we end up cooking evenly Chinese food and Western food on a daily basis.

    Also ... for another post, how much would it cost to have a maid or nanny picking the kids at school and taking care of them from 4 to 7 pm each day? I found online ads but prices were always negotiable (therefore never mentioned).

    Thanks for any help.

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