Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello everyone and thank you for visiting my blog about cost of living in Taiwan. Before I go on and tell you what motivated me to write this guide - type of blog, let me first introduce myself. My name is Mac and I am living in Taiwan since the end of 2006. At the time of writing this post, I am/was post-graduate student in Taiwan National University ( Department of Economics) and work on my own business.

In the past, I had episodes of working for Taiwanese company as sales rep, working in cram school as an English teacher (btw I am Polish) and now being a student on scholarship as well as owning my own business, I think I have enough knowledge to help anyone get an idea of what to expect financially when arriving here. I am also married to Taiwanese lady, so I can give you interesting perspective from local point of view (and guides how to buy things cheaply) as well as from foreigner point of view.

My pure motivation about writing this blog is to help anyone who plans to come to Taiwan and post how much things cost. It doesn't matter if you come here for traveling, study, family visit, work, or any other purpose, I will try to write to all the audiences in a simple and not difficult to understand way. I did write a very short guide on expenses in Taiwan a few years back, and it was quite popular search wise, so I have decided to make this niche blog. Also, in my articles, I will usually mention 'Where to Buy' especially for things that might be hard to find locally.

Did you notice that I wrote niche in italic? My goal for this blog is not to make it large and write about everything in regards to Taiwan, but rather - how much money will you need to stay here. It will not be updated daily, but more like weekly. I believe that if I can write one good article a week, for a year, then we have 52 articles in a year, which is a good enough to cover most important matters that I think of.

If you ever need some quick price information on anything that I did not post on this blog (for example, "Is there any Fridays in Taiwan and how much a good steak cost?" - feel free to let me know. If the inquiry is interesting enough, I dig up some info and write a whole article about it.

Edit (Jul 18, 2011): I will start adding restaurants overview to the blog, together with my verdict and scan of menu (if possible)


  1. Hi Mac. I want to thank you for the info about Taiwan. I'll havea 12hour stop over in Taiwan next month. Can you reccomend me some of the places to visit on my 12 hour stop over and how much is the food and transportation involve. Thank you.

  2. Since you have a limited amount of time that you plan to stop over here, and I am assuming that your flight stop is going to be in Taoyuan International Airport, I recommend you the following:

    1. You can take a bus from airport to the city, it costs about NT135 depending on the destination (one way.) You can also take a limo to Taipei for NT1200-NT1500 or taxi for about NT900. When you arrive to the city (most likely Taipei Main Station) - you can take MRT BLUE line to Chang Kai Shek memorial hall. One of the best place to stop by, meet locals, take pictures of the memorial hall, and scroll around. Then, you can either walk, or take 1 MRT stop to Taipei City Hall Station where, you find Taipei shopping district with Taipei 101 as it main attraction. Here you will most likely spend 1-2 hours (or more) and even grab something to eat. If you want, you can get to observatory on top of Taipei 101 for NT500 fee, and buy some things that will remind you of Taiwan.
    Lastly, before you get back to the airport, visit Ximending district (take MRT to Ximending - notice it is close to Taipei Main Station? Hint - a bus back to airport ;)) Here you will want to try famous Taiwanese bubble tea (zhen-zhu nai-cha) and local specials, such as Taiwanese grilled sausage and marinated tomatoes. You will probably see large number of people - over 3m shoppers come here every month.

    Here is the link where you can check buses from Taipei to Airport:

    3 places above is a must see, where you get some feeling of cultural Taiwan, new age Taiwan and try on some local food and specialties.

    If you not plan to spend too much money, NT1000 will be more than enough to visit all these 3 places, buy bus tickets, MRT tokens, buy some snacks and eat twice.

    I hope that helped. If you have more questions, feel free to write.

    Links to the places I mentioned: